End the tax abatement, fund healthy schools and affordable housing!


For years the 10 year tax abatement has funneled money into the pockets of developers and benefited mostly people who can afford to buy condos or luxury townhouses. The schools, which depend on property tax revenue, have been hurt and many are unhealthy for students and staff because of deferred maintenance. Luxury development in some neighborhoods has driven up property taxes for working class people who own homes. Renters have also been squeezed as the stock of affordable rental housing shrinks.

Therefore 215 People’s Alliance is working with the Our City Our Schools coalition to demand that City Council pass legislation that repeals the 10 year tax abatement. We further demand that the increased revenue in property taxes be used specifically to finance the clean up of asbestos, lead and toxic materials in our schools and to fund low income, accessible housing. We need a city government that promotes racial and economic justice, not that serves the interests of developers, banks and corporations.