Organizing in the Covid Crisis

What We Need to Beat the Virus and Go Forward

The Covid 19 Virus pandemic has dramatically exposed a system that promotes profits over people.  We need an aggressive program at all levels of government to address the virus and its economic fallout.   At the same time, we need to build a movement that demands transformative changes that empowers working people and marginalized communities, while challenging the power of corporations and the rich.

Winners and Losers

This system of racialized capitalism concentrates wealth and power in a handful of billionaires while victimizing the whole multi-racial working class. Middle class and small business people are also impacted. But it particularly singles out African Americans and other people of color including immigrants. In the history of this country white supremacy has been the key to the economic and political growth of this system. The fight against systemic racism needs to be integrated into our demands at every level.

We also live in a system that systematically oppresses women, exploiting them both in the home and at work. The struggle for women’s equality also has to be a critical element of the fight back.

Only if we successfully do this then we can build a broad alliance of the 99% against the 1%. 

  • Increase unemployment compensation, waive waiting week, extend coverage to low income, seasonal, contract, and gig workers. Increase staffing to ensure the money gets into the hands of those who need it quickly. 
  • Priority given to the poorest, lowest income communities.
  • No assistance to corporations without guarantees that workers are not fired, no stock buybacks, a $15 minimum wage and worker representation on boards.
  • Nationalize Air Lines and Energy Companies, protect and create jobs, cutting carbon emissions and combating the destruction of our planet.
  • Expand Social Security and Cancel Student Debt
  • Expand the capacity of the nation’s health care system by increasing the number of hospital beds, ventilators, masks, and testing.
  • Address the historical inequities in health care in which black and brown communities get inferior treatment.
  • Protect health care workers and others on the front lines with adequate safety equipment.
  • Extend and enforce sick leave to all affected workers including the undocumented.
  • Demand Medicare For All and make healthcare a human right.
  • A moratorium on evictions and foreclosures
  • Passage of rent control legislation
  • Expand food stamp program and staff programs to deliver food to the homebound and the needy.
  • Provide families computers and internet access and implement a quality instructional program online.

    School breakfast and lunch programs need to continue in accessible locations
  • Carry out an aggressive program of eliminating toxic materials from school buildings so when they reopen they are truly safe.
  • Involve parents and school communities in decision making,
  • Prisoners and Guards alike in our prisons are gravely at risk There must be a review process for all people currently in detention, including youth, releasing all those who have critical medical needs, those who haven’t been tried and those serving county time who pose no immediate danger to community
  • End Cash Bail
  • The jailing and deportation of undocumented immigrants must be halted and due process for asylum seekers restored.
  • Police need to enforce any virus related measures with respect and compassion and this needs to be monitored by the Police Review Board, the Mayor, ’and District Attorney.

  • Mail in ballots need to be sent to every registered voter
  • An aggressive public education program needs to be mounted to insure people know about mail in ballots and their rights.
  • No secret Executive Orders that violate constitutional protections

Reimagining Philadelphia: Building Power with 215 People's Alliance

Every three weeks, 215 PA members, friends, and family gather together online to learn, share, and build power around the most pressing issues facing us during this pandemic. Now is our time to reimagine a transformative city! Join us at our next Saturday October 10th at 11AM on building resilience before and after the election.