Why the 215 People’s Alliance?


Philadelphia sits at a crossroads. On one hand, in recent years the city has begun to see population growth, after decades of decline. We’re also seeing new businesses come in, as well as a growing immigrant community.

In the same moment that Philadelphia sees what some believe to be an economic and cultural “renewal,” the majority of us are suffering. Philadelphia is the poorest major city in the country, with over 25% of the city living below the poverty line. Alongside growing inequality, there are not enough decent jobs, which allow Philadelphians to work and live dignified lives. This is made worse by the abandonment of Philadelphia’s public education infrastructure, in favor of privatizing and charterizing public schools.

Fifty years after the most dramatic events of the Civil Rights Movement, racism and economic injustice continue to go hand in hand – in Philadelphia, and across the country.

To tackle this reality, we are building a force that consistently fights for the progressive interests of all working people, including during election cycles, but not only on election day. We need a collective of leaders connected across our differences, united in a shared vision, and ready to exercise our rights to vote, to protest, to tell our stories, and to propose alternatives. We are determined not just to survive in our city, but to struggle to change how it is run and in whose interests.