Join us in calling for a People’s Bailout


During the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen our federal government turn its back on its people, choosing corporations over communities time and time again, with bailouts and bad policies. This has left many of us in dire situations that we are struggling to find a way out of. 

Join us in calling for a People’s Bailout that prioritizes our communities over corporations. 

As part of the Alliance for a Just Philadelphia, we are calling on our local government to step up and to fill the many gaps caused by these  devastating federal policies. We are asking them to take the opposite approach and stand with the people of Philadelphia — workers, students, immigrants, families, all of us.

We need bold new ideas, legislation, and action that will protect our communities during this crisis and in months and years following. That’s why we have joined the Alliance for a Justice Philadelphia and thousands of others across the city in calling for a Philly People’s Bailout — a powerful platform, written by those at the frontlines of this crisis, that demands the city invest in our people during the COVID crisis, not corporate elites. Join us in calling for brave and progressive change, by signing on to the Philly People’s Bailout. Together, we can build a stronger and more just Philadelphia.