Why We Need to Abolish the SRC and Fight For An Elected School Board

Every community in Pennsylvania elects a school board to oversee the education of its children except one – Philadelphia.   Fifteen years ago a predominantly white, rural legislature decided that Philadelphia, a city in which the majority is black and brown, could not properly run its schools and took away local control.   In the manner of […]

Should billionaires choose Philly’s next mayor?

Joel Greenberg, Jeff Yass, and Arthur Dantchik, the partners of the Susquehanna International Group (SIG), spent six million dollars in 2010 to get Anthony Hardy Williams elected Governor. Now they want to make him Mayor. Their PAC, American Cities, has spent over a million dollars on TV ads with more coming to put Williams in […]

Philadelphia’s Energy Future

Philadelphia’s energy future and adaptation to changing environmental conditions is increasingly important to working families’ health, safety, and economic security over the long term. For this reason, 215 People’s Alliance supports Council defending municipal ownership of PGW; we uphold public ownership and local governance as paramount to the democratic energy future we need. The acquisition of […]