Volunteer for the People’s Platform

Here’s how you can volunteer for candidates aligned with the People’s Platform on Primary Day (May 15)! Rich Lazer (5th Congressional District) Interested volunteers can contact Andrew Heyman. He is overseeing our volunteer coordination for Election Day. His email is andrew@richlazerforcongress.com and his phone number is +1 (484) 432-2728. We will also be taking anyone at IATSE […]

The Record Behind the Rhetoric

Philly Power Research, a group of volunteer researchers, has released a report called “The Record Behind the Rhetoric: A Guide to the Philly DA Democratic Primary,” breaking down the backgrounds of each of the seven Democratic candidates for district attorney, their backers and their donors.   The 2017 DA primary has swung left in response […]

215 People’s Alliance Endorses Larry Krasner

We know that elected officials don’t change the system — we do. It’s our popular protest and organizing that changes our political system and holds politicians accountable. But our work is much more effective when we have people in office who already feel accountable to us. That’s why 215 People’s Alliance is proud to endorse […]

There’s no staying home for the most important PA election of the century

November 3rd is the most important election of the century?  A pretty wild exaggeration isn’t it? Actually, no; if anything, maybe it’s an understatement.  Here’s the deal. There are three seats that will be filled on the PA Supreme Court on November 3rd to join the two Democratic and two Republican holdovers. The result will […]

Why We Need To Make Sure Wilson Goode Jr. is Re-elected to City Council

If you go to City Council a lot, as I do, there is a familiar ritual. Someone from theChamber of Commerce or another one of the many groups that advocate for big business testifies about why business taxes should be cut or why the city should not be spending more on education or city services. […]

Richard Negrin

Resume Philly DA’s Office, 1995-2000 Aramark, 2005-2009 – Aramark is a corporation providing food, uniforms, and facilities to various entities, including prisons and ICE detention centers. Philadelphia Board of Ethics, 2006-2009 Philadelphia Managing Director, 2010-2016 Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP, 2016 – Present Notable Events and Controversies Richard Negrin was 13 when his father […]

Tariq El-Shabazz

Resume Philly DA’s Office, 1988-1993, 2016 Notable Events and Controversies Tariq El-Shabazz has a number of controversies swirling around him. The most prominent is $190,712 in federal, state, and city tax lien judgments on file against him in Common Pleas Court. His law firm, El-Shabazz & Harris also went to court six times between 2008 […]

Michael Untermeyer

Resume Philly DA’s Office, 1984-1990 PA Senior Deputy Attorney General, 1990-2001 PA Office of Inspector General, 2003-2004 Philadelphia Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Effort, Volunteer Judge, 2008-2010 William-Michael Associates, 2001 – Present Background, Notable Events, and Controversies Michael Untermeyer is a real estate developer with properties in prime locations all over the city, according to his 2008 […]

Jack O’Neill

Resume Philly DA’s Office, 2007-Present Notable Events and Positions O’Neill began his young career under DA Lynne “Queen of Death” Abraham, and has spent the past 10 years at the DA’s office. Some of his cases include prosecuting a Catholic priest for felony sexual assault. He was on the team investigating child deaths in Philadelphia […]

Teresa Carr Deni

Resume Municipal Judge, 1995-2016 Policy Positions and Controversies In 2007, as a municipal court judge, Deni dismissed sexual assault charges against a man who let friends rape a sex worker. She downgraded the charges to theft of services, saying she considered the case a robbery. When pressed, she defended her position, saying the case “minimizes […]