215 People’s Alliance announces primary endorsements and how you can support


We believe in a Philadelphia where we’re all safe and where all of us have what we need to heal and thrive. Too many families don’t have what they need to survive because of corrupt politicians. Instead of investing into our housing, education, jobs, and healthcare, the corrupt politicians funnel money into a police force and prison system that fails to prevent violence or support communities. We deserve a District Attorney and Judges who understand the root cause of most crime and violence is poverty and believe in second chances.

That’s why 215 People’s Alliance is happy to announce the endorsement of Larry Krasner for District Attorney and the following judicial candidates for the May 18th Primary.

Court of Common Pleas

  • Caroline Turner 
  • Wendi Barish 
  • Cateria McCabe 
  • Nick Kamau 
  • Dan Sulman 
  • Betsy Wahl 
  • Michelle Hangley 
  • Chris Hall 

Municipal Court

  • Greg Yorgey-Girdy 

How can you support?

  1. Share our endorsement announcement on Facebook and spread the word amongst your family and friends.
  2. Volunteer with us! Talk to voters via texts or by door-knocking. Sign up here.
  3. Join us on April 25th from 4pm-6pm for a fundraiser for justice and safety and to re-elect District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Over the past four years, District Attorney Krasner has made significant progress in reducing some of the most grotesque harms of the criminal legal system. The process for expungements has been expanded and streamlined, which has allowed more people with criminal records access to housing and jobs. Diversionary programs have been expanded, keeping many people out of prison. District Attorney Krasner and his team haven’t hesitated to hold police accountable. They created a list of police officers who have a history of forging evidence, coercing confessions, and undermining justice and they have enforced a policy of not accepting testimony from those officers. They haven’t hesitated to charge police officers with wrong-doing: from creating the Conviction Integrity Unit to charging Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna after he brutally beat protestors with his police issued baton.

Join us on April 25, 2021 from 4pm-6pm in building a different future by contributing to support the work of Reclaim Philadelphia, 215 People’s Alliance and Free the Ballot in re-electing District Attorney Larry Krasner and electing a slate of progressive judges.

Can’t make it? You can still contribute here!